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Hans Schneider Custom Frames

" In this age of a disposable society, it is refreshing to find something that is not; My

bikes are designed to last a lifetime. "

"Bikes that last forever, designed by Hans Schneider and no one else."  "Designed

around you for you."

My Mission

“Is to create the best hand-built custom-made bicycle frame, one customer at a time.”  


A Hans Schneider frameset returns more smiles for each calorie burned. You and your Schneider move as one. When you push the pedal, it responds. No effort is wasted. When you hammer, it flies. When you’re out of the saddle and honking to the top of a climb, every ounce you’re giving is putting you further ahead. When you descend, you are solid and in control. And when you cover the distance, it’s smooth and relaxed because the tubesets soak up the vibrations you don’t. Fit is the most important advantage of owning a custom frame. Due to the differences in body size, mass, fitness, flexibility, and riding style, each rider has different needs. I design the frame to fit your body not some specifications in a catalog.
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"Excellence never goes out of fashion."